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We at Donut House - Espresso & MoreĀ® wouldn't be anywhere without our clients and customers spreading the word about our services.

When we were first getting started, before we were able to move into the fantastic location where meetings are now held, our services and customer base were run strictly on referrals; friends telling friends after being our clients and so on.

We greatly appreciate your feed back in our pursuit of excellence!

"What a nice surprise! Really excellent tasting donuts. Tried three but could have has more. Cinnamon one was just right. No greasy fingers after. And they have the fresh taste and look of just baked bread. And the cream filled was perfect. After having these, you realize how tasteless chain store donuts are. Sorry Dunkin, never again!"

Vincent Crisci

"Just stopped in this morning for the first time and I'm already a die-hard customer. The staff was awesome, friendly, and patient when I couldn't decide. They took the time to offer suggestions and customize my green tea latte (which was amazing), and brought out a maple bacon donut (also amazing) fresh from the back. I will definitely be back!"

Kristin Jalm

"Visited this donut place for the first time. It was amazing. Great customer service delicious. It's a small place but with great big taste. Manatee County has to make the drive to taste deliciousness. Would visit again. The couple that left with out paying for all the donuts you ate this morning about 9:30 am driving a reddish small car shame on you. Karma will take care of you believe that"

Manett Hector

"The people at the donut house are very nice. The donuts were delicious. My friend had the banana fritter and loved it. He was happy to find flavor other than apple, they don't add any added flavoring. I had the cinnamon roll donut and it was light and not greasy at all. Will definitely go again. And you should too :) I love local businesses! In regards to the comment someone left about a paper cup. First, did she say she was eating in? Second, they haven't even had their grand opening. The sign says soft opening, so take that into account."

Amy Heist

"Cronuts!!!! If you don't know you gotta get here. Fresh not anything close to something that you would find at DD or in a supermarket. The assortment including a bacon and maple (Try it !). Friendly and very helpful. Coffee so smooth that it's like silk in a cup. Support your local independent businesses."

Todd Smith

"Amazingly friendly, amazingly friendly. Anyone who says otherwise probably works at anothrr donut shop."

Cade Michaels

"Beyond impressed with the quality and service of Donut House! The staff is fantastic and the maple bacon donut IS AMAZING!!!!!"

Kim Eibe

"Great donuts, and amazing staff"

Neal Shelton

* * * * *

Hali Lyn

"Tremendous! I am a Donut fantastic! I think they will be extremely popular. I love the texture and quality. Everyone was very nice and welcoming".

Shepherd Mims

We appreciate the reviews! Please join us and share your experience!

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